The most effective way to reduce noise in high ceilings is to hang down wool felt from the ceiling.

Spinnaker in 100% wool felt interferes with the sound waves and the sound is absorbed in the

curved felt. The thickness of the wool is 3mm and is available in two sizes.

The sails hang down from an oak cross and are easily mounted on a hook or pulley in the ceiling.

Diameter 370mm, height from cross about 1000mm
Diameter 750mm, height from cross approx. 1650mm

Improve the sound environment indoors

There are many things you can do to improve the indoor sound environment both at home

and in the workplace. In order to get the most effective soundproofing, we need to know how the

room looks, ceiling height, upholstered furniture, how many people usually stay in the room and what the

room is  used for in order to make the best suggestions.

Your needs and that the proposals fit into the environment are also important.