3DFORMS - wall absorbent in cork

3DFORMS cork tiles are combined in different ways to create unique three-dimensional patterns that add depth and identity to vertical surfaces. 3DFORMS provides an endless amount of creative possibilities and provides a unique texture that has goodacoustic and thermal properties.

The cork tiles are glued directly to the wall.

Design5mm are agents for the Nordics with these fine cork products.

Cork as a wall absorbent


Cork is a natural raw material that is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable.

Cork is also a natural fire protection agent as it does not spread flames and does

not emit toxic gases when burned.

 150x150x30mm gives 72 cork tiles and 1,62m2/carton.

 300x300x30mm gives 18 cork tiles and 1,62m2/carton.