SLATS IN FELT - Sun protection

Glass sections provide a wonderful light but also increases the sound level in the room.

Blinds in felt provides both sound attenuation, sun protection and is energy smart. With slats

you can choose how much sunlight and privacy you desire. Hide the entire window, 

angle it up or pull them away completely. Order a complete system or recycle your

existing slat rail and order only slats in felt from Design5mm ..

  • Wash the slats in a washing machine, hang dry and iron them on low heat.

Slat width 127mm, thickness 2.7-3mm.

Off white and anthracite gray.

Felt colors

Washing advice

Wash the slats in a washing machine at 30 degrees with low spin. Hang-dry the slats and iron them on low heat.


The felt contains no chemicals and can be recycled again. The felt is not affected by sunlight or moisture.