Wool felt has excellent natural acoustic properties. The felt absorbs unwanted sound in

the room such as conversation, footsteps, porcelain and the like, which provides a good

sound environment in offices, receptions, conference rooms, private homes etc. Wool felt

is a very strong and durable natural material that keeps its shape for decades

and also repels liquids.


Wool felt is a natural material that is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Vacuum the felt

with a soft nozzle and if it gets wet use only a dry cloth possibly followed by a cloth with

water and mild soap solution.


The felt can be glued or screwed up on the wall or interior. There are many good glue

on the market but is happy to recommend Englundgruppen's glue S 82, which adheres

well to the felt, but feel free to contact them and tell which substrate the felt hould be glued to.


The wool felt has the highest environmental classification in Sundahus' environmental database.

Wool felt clear colours

Wool felt mottled colors