About Design5mm

Design5mm was founded in 2005, by Gunilla & Anders Vardam, and work with both both private and public environments. We have worked on many large projects such as the National Museum in Copenhagen and

furnished Ski Lodge 65 rooms in Tänndalen, for private individuals who buy some interior detail or absorbents to create a  good home environment.

Design5mm got its name from the gap of 5mm between the wall absorbers that we always had when we created

the design in the beginning. The gap highlights the design and also creates better absorption of unwanted sound.

New sound absorbing material - Cork

From January 1, 2023, Design5mm are agents for the Nordics regarding cork design that has very good acoustic and thermal properties. 

Design5mm markets and sells wall absorbents in the

form of cork tiles in various sizes as well as cork tiles for floors. It feels very natural to add cork to our previous materials which are 100% wool felt and environmentally friendly polyester felt.

Cork is a fantastic natural product. The bark of the cork oak has a unique honeycomb structure consisting of small cells filled completely with air. Cork's properties derive naturally from the structure and chemical composition of the extremely strong and flexible membranes, which are also waterproof and airtight. Each cubic centimeter of the cork's structure contains between 30 and 40 million cells.