Since 2005, Design5mm has developed a design series to create a good sound environment for both private and public environments. We design and produce all our products with the idea that the design should fit into different environments and be sustainable.

Design5mm has good collaboration with architects, interior designers, construction companies, business leaders, municipalities, private individuals etc in both large and small projects. We have done project from large acoustic projects at the National Museum in Copenhagen to interior design at home for private individuals and companies.

Feel free to consult us about effective sound attenuation. Contact us and we will be happy to help you with suggestions for cost-effective sound attenuation that fits into your company or home. Feel free to send photos and drawings or book a visit so we can give suggestions.

Mounting of all our products is simple and fits well in the flexible environment. Easy to change, move and take with

you when moving.

About noise

Bad coustics can be dangerous and make you tired, unfocused and stressed, thus also increasing the risk of accidents. During a call, the voice mode is easily raised if the background noise is loud, which in turn contributes to a higher noise level. Strong noise can temporarily or permanently damage your hearing and cause hearing loss, tinnitus or sound hypersensitivity.



Our wool felt and environmentally friendly polyester felt contains no chemicals and is excellent for recycling. See more about environmental classification of felt from Design5mm at

Examples of project

National Museum in Copenhagen

Luxaflex Scandinavian

The Swedish Tax Agency in Stockholm

Stockholm Municipality

Ystad Municipality

Tomelilla Municipality

The State House of Crystal in Kiruna

Bromölla Municipality

NCC Sweden AB

State Maritime Museums

Royal Tennis Hall