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Design5mm create sound-absorbing design with different materials and design which are very effective against unwanted noise.  All materials are recyclable, contains no chemicals and is A- classified in www.SundaHus.se environmental database. Our design of furniture, both outdoor and indoor , get a lot of attention for both design and function.



Sound absorbing wall design. Choose between different design that also works well as a pinboard.

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Slats in felt and leather

Create great sound environment with slats for windows or as a separator in the room. The felt also isolates against cold and heat in the room.

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Room divider in felt

Create rooms in the room with floor screens in massive felt. The screens are flexible and easy to move and put away.

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Roof silencing

Hang felt design in the ceiling and you get   a very effective noise reduction. Felt design moves slowly and creates a tranquil environment.

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Desktop Screen

Install a feltscreen on your desk and get    both foreclosure, apinboard and a good working environment.

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Felt on existing furniture

Use your existing furniture to create a stylish textile and sound absorbing surface.

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Lighting in felt

Choose between roof, wall and corner lights. Lamps in felt creates a warm and pleasant light.

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Wallpaper in wool felt

Glue the whole walls or furniture with lovely wool felt. The felt gives  a nice, soft textile feeling and removes unwanted noise

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Way- new design of armchairs and benches that adorn the marina Ystad. Chair - Chestnut - is a novelty on the way shortly

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Rent or buy art.

Renew your office or restaurant with new art four times a year.

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Telephone box in felt

Speak and work undisturbed in our quiet, soft box in felt. Weighs only 13 kg and mounts easily directly on the wall.

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Interiors projects

We have many good references from the National Museum of Copenhagen, SkiLode Tänndalen, Svevia.

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Design5mm AB

Design5mm has since

2002 created the design with function.

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