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Wave - sound absorbing walldesign in 12mm felt.

WAVE wall design allows you to mount horizontally or vertically on

the wall. A distance of about 2-3 cm between the felt design allows

waveform highlighted in a nice way.

Dimensions: 607x670x12mm

Assembly: self-adhesive Velcro, pin or glue.

If you wish more information, color samples or prices, please

contact us at info@design5mm.se or + 46(0)70 221 6000

Felt color mélange:

100-wollweiss-3.jpg off white 31 beige.png  beige 33 ljusgraa.jpg light grey61 antracit-graa.jpg anthracite63 svart.png   black 00
ljusblaa.jpg light blue 41 moerkblaa.jpg dark blue 42 Azur.png    azur 54 ljusgroen.png   green 51 ljusroed.jpg  light red10
Purpur.png   purple 43 Provance.png provence 45 aubergin.pngaubergine 46








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