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Slats in absorbing felt and leather -

Curtains and room dividers

- Highly effective sound absorber

- Good sun protection

- Provides insulation against cold and heat - saving energy

- Fine textile feel

- Easy to angle, pull up and pull.

By mounting the felt slats in windows or as a room divider in the middle of the room, you are creating very good sound environment. The slats can easily tilt, drag up or drag. Flexible and stylish.

The anthracite gray felt works very well even as to darker a room like bedrooms, cinema room or for medical reasons. The sound absorbing fabric has thickness of about 2.7 mm and one side is tufted to maximize sound absorption. ​

Slats: width 127mm.

Felt Colour: off white and antacitgrå. The colors can also be mixed.


If you wish more information, color samples or prices, please

contact us at info@design5mm.se or telephone + 46 (0) 70 221 6000

The patent on the felt has been submitted and we are awaiting responses.

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