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Maria José Brito

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PhD in Fine Arts - Classic University of Barcelona, and Graduate in Sculpture  by the Fine Arts Faculty - Lisboa University. In her  professional activity she was teacher in different teaching degrees. Worked in the area of teachers training  between 1976 and 2003, as  Teacher Coordinator in the School of Education of Setubal.

She held educational functions  in General Directorate of Education and she was Professor of Fine Arts Course in Évora University. She gave training and coordinated projects with PALOP (African Countries with Portuguese Official Language).

Is coauthor of textbooks of Visual and Technological Education for the 2nd and 3th Cycles of Visual Education, of Guides and Training Manuals for the PALOP, The booklet "The art in the Kindergarten" for the Education Ministery (2010).

                                                         ARTISTIC ACTIVITY

Since 2002 she regularly participates in exhibitions, individually, in partnership, or collectively .


Individual  exhibitions                      

2010 Congress Center of  Lisboa - Pavilion

2013/2014  Lisbon Airport   (7 meses)

2015 Exhibition Center of the  Camara Municipal de Odivelas

In partnership

2008 Cultural Center of Cascais

2010 Marquês de Pombal Foundation

2011 Art Bienal of Paço de Arcos

2012 Galicien Center de Lisboa

2013 Arte Popular  Museum – Lisboa

2014 VERA  Word Fine Arts Festival – Cordoaria Nacional,

2015 - Palácio do Egito - Oeiras Lisboa   

2015 - Casa da Cultura de Setúbal

Public Sculpture

Bronze busts                                     

1985    Caves D. Teodósio's  Founder,  in   Rio Maior

2007    Padre Américo, in  Casa do Gaiato de Setúbal

2008    Dr António Fortuna, in  Largo Poço Novo, Quinta do Anjo

2012    Casal Garcias , in  Fundação, Vila de Rei




2001   Appeal to reading - stone,  in Biblioteca  Instituto Politécnico da Guarda

2010   Hand with diploma - corten steel in Escola Superior de Engenharia do Barreiro

2011   St. Francis Xavier -  bronze, in Igreja de S. Francisco Xavier, Lisboa

2013   Via Sacra – sandstone,  in Aldeia  da  Quinta do Anjo

2014   Lion's monument - iron in Rotunda da Quinta do Hilário, Setúbal 




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